How to become more visible on Instagram with Valerie Luckett

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Creative Insights by Mike Rynart
Creative Insights by Mike Rynart
How to become more visible on Instagram with Valerie Luckett

Do you sometimes wonder why your Instagram post only receive a few likes or comments? You put in all the work to create a beautiful post and spend hours on writing a caption and after posting you see no engagement?

Today’s guest on the show has a Secret formula to become more visible on Instagram so you can make an income while making an impact!

Her name is Valerie Luckett, a mindset strategist who helps entrepreneurs breakthrough their income ceilings and manifest more abundance and sales.

She grew her Instagram following to 34k and made 11k in 2 days off the platform. She wants to help other entrepreneurs get excited about their dreams and passion by being able to create the freedom lifestyle they desire.

I reached out to Valerie because of the things she was talking about. that your energy and your mindset affects your posts on social media.
You will learn how to connect to your source first to create an optimistic attitude and mindset?

So stay tuned, She has an inspiring story sharing her wisdom in this weeks episode.

Support and learn more about Valerie at: or Instagram.

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