How to grow your business online in 2019

EP. 002
Creative Insights by Mike Rynart
Creative Insights by Mike Rynart
How to grow your business online in 2019

If you want some actionable tips on how to grow your business online in 2019 then you do not want to miss this interview with an inspiring guest where I shared some insights on how to become more effective online!

That’s why I am excited to have entrepreneur, public speaker and software developer, Maria Bahamam on the show. Maria is the creator of the inspiring podcast Madam Rotterdam. She’s built a platform that connects local businesses and entrepreneurs. She made it her mission to really inspire others.

Support and learn more about Maria at:, on iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

By the end of this show, you know how to clarify your message and attract the right people to grow your business online. Stay till the end where I’ll showing one little secret how I increased my Instagram.

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