Creative Insights by Mike Rynart
Creative Insights by Mike Rynart
How Rachel Whynot from Founder Freedom built her coaching platform

Today’s guest is Rachel Whynot. Yes, that’s her real last name, and also her motto in life!

She has built an award-winning multi- 7 figure business from the age of 22. She has worked with many Fortune 500 brands and companies.

She is the creator FOUNDER FREEDOM™ an online coaching platform, where she teaches entrepreneurs how to live and work freely with expert brands and businesses.

Today Rachel will share her secrets and strategies that she’s learned over the years and how to live and work freely.

You will learn how she started her business, including some of the biggest lessons from creating her brand. Also, we talked about her favorite tool how you can find and connect with your ideal customers.

So stay tuned, She has an inspiring story sharing her wisdom in this weeks episode.

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