Creative Insights by Mike Rynart
Creative Insights by Mike Rynart
How to launch your Facebook live show with Stephanie Liu

I’m delighted to host Stephanie Liu on the Creative Insights podcast. She is a live video expert and award-winning Digital Marketing Strategist.

Stephanie is one of the most sought-after international speakers on live video. She is most notably known for her Facebook Live show called Lights, Camera, Live®, where she helps businesses succeed with live video.
She’s bringing cutting-edge Facebook live engagement tactics that ANYONE can use to amp up their results this year. So no more “I can’t connect with my audience.”
She’s a genius, and if you want to know how to use live video to build your business, I HIGHLY recommend listening to this show (maybe a few times) as we talk about how to turn your ideas, skills and experience into a captivating live stream.

As a Master NLP Coach, Stephanie is known for her dynamic stage presence and cutting-edge Facebook engagement tactics. She has spoken at many online marketing events and you can see Stephanie at Social Media Marketing World in March 20 – 22, 2019.

In this episode Stephanie will share her secrets and strategies on How to launch your Facebook live show.
Here’s just a few things we’ll cover:

⭐ How can business owners brand themselves with live video? ⠀

⭐ Why do most live streamers fail?

⭐ How to increase your influence, impact, and income with live video.

Also we talked about a brand new platform recently announced for live streaming to grow your business.

Your in? Lights, camera, Live, Let’s do this!

Podcast show notes available here: