Personal Branding in IT with Marcin Ruman

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One of the secrets to success in web development can be described in a single word: personal branding. Not just for you as a web developer, but for your work and customers. Personal branding is who you are. your personality, your purpose, your promise. That’s what it’s all about. We’re coming up fast on 2019 so I want to share a unique, inspiring episode with you today: The personal branding story of Marcin Ruman.

Marcin has exactly built his personal brand from scratch into a million dollar business, he’s is an entrepreneur, web developer and also an author of the book Personal Branding in IT and he is totally crushing it. He’s here to break down the strategies he used how to build a powerful personal brand to reach your maximum potential. How to keep the right mindset and build your online presence. We got an inspiring episode with all the strategies about personal branding.

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