Creative Insights by Mike Rynart
Creative Insights by Mike Rynart
Will Grant reaching full potential by the Wim Hof breathing method

Today’s guest on the show is from sunny, Florida and he will share his inspiring story how he went from living his dream to totally reinvent himself.

His name is Will Grant, a pro athlete, BMX racer and also a social-media influencer with a passion for health, fitness.

Will followed his childhood dream of being a professional BMX racer and began competing at a state level, later entering his professional career putting everything in and traveling around the world. Pushing everything to the max until he broke down not just mentally but especially physically. Because of injuries he wasn’t able to walk or couldn’t do anything just healing from all his injuries.

By using mediation and the Wim Hof breathing method he was able to turn his life around and reinvent himself and reach his full potential. His story is amazing we’re gonna dive in a minute.

He’s here to break down the strategies he used on how to reach your maximum potential and keeping the right mindset.

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