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My work

CM - Front-end Development

CM is one mobile platform for messaging, payments, apps and voice in the heart of the mobile ecosystem. I partnered with a team of developers and designers to create an enjoyable responsive experience. My services included, Prototyping, Front-end development and Web performance optimization.

Miami Guide - Front-end, UX

The Miami Guide is a great place to find out about Miami from news, events, food, design, nightlife and more. The website began as a side project and took off as an authority site with a social following of over 60K. I learned a ton on Branding, Front-end and Conversion skills from my travel website project.

Dutch Daily News - UX and Front-end

The Dutch Daily News is an entertaining blend of Dutch news, business and features. The website is one of the largest English-language news sites in The Netherlands with 50K readers every month. My services included Front-end development and Conversion optimization.