Creative Insights by Mike Rynart
Creative Insights by Mike Rynart
How to disconnect to connect with Amy Vetter

Is it getting harder to find success in your career? Has your work become mechanical or routine?

So often we get away from the main reason we go into business and it can show up in how we communicate to customers and the public.

As Simon Sinek has said, “People are not interested in what you do–but why you do it.” Your story can paint a picture of your business model, highlight your values, and make a stronger emotional connection with clients, employees, and the world. The result is that you can promote your brand better than any sales and marketing pitch.

Today’s guest on the show has a magic formula that guides business professionals to create a happier, more engaged, and successful life at work and home.

Her name is Amy Vetter, she provides insights on how you can discover and align your authentic self and inner talents with the work you do in order to live a more fulfilled, meaningful life.

Amy is a CPA, Yogi, and Technologist helping you create Business, Balance & Bliss®
She has been awarded the Audience Choice Award Winner for her TEDx Talk “Disconnect to Connect”. Also, she wrote two books: Business Balance & Bliss and Integrative Advisory Services

Amy gives you life-changing insights and actionable tools to live a more fulfilled, connected, and successful life at work and home.

So stay tuned, She has an inspiring story sharing her wisdom in this weeks episode.

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